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The Quinn-Rachel Relationship, most commonly known as Faberry, is the once bitter rivalry, but now good friendship, between Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry.

They start a tentative friendship towards the later part in Season Two and grow closer during Season Three.

During Finn's confrontation with both Quinn and Puck, Rachel shows obvious signs of regret when Quinn begins to stare at her, but it is unclear whether this is towards her faltering relationship with the rest of the glee club or her regret towards making Quinn's life even more difficult.

Ever since, they seemed to ignore each other, but in Britney/Brittany, Rachel (who is now dating Finn) who is insecure about Finn's feelings for her, sends Quinn to check if Finn still has feelings for her.

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Despite Kurt and Rachel promising to return for Thanksgiving, the two don't go back to Ohio, and Quinn shows disappointment.

In Naked, the twelfth episode of the season, Kurt calls Quinn and Santana over because Rachel decides to star in a nude scene for a school movie production, which Quinn and Santana are against. In Season Five, Quinn comments that she thinks Rachel was Finn's soul mate, and Rachel watches Quinn sing a romantic duet with Puck and then announce that they are officially dating for the first time.

This is not seen as a point of conflict between the two girls, however; in The Purple Piano Project Quinn (with a new bad-girl look) does not seem angry at Rachel in any way when she tries to talk Quinn back into rejoining Glee.

When Quinn chooses to go back to her normal self (even if it is secretly just to regain custody of Beth) she seems to be getting on well with Rachel.

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Quinn claimed that the baby was Finn's even though they did not even have sex.

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