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Cons: The bowl’s ingredients seemed quite separate.One reviewer said they would’ve liked to have seen them mixed up more. Jackfruit has been a staple in places like Sri Lanka for centuries, but it’s fast becoming a popular choice in the UK too thanks to its unusual flavour.Cons: One of our reviewers would have preferred it as a curry, rather than a sandwich.Both agreed that it was one of the messiest sandwiches they’d ever eaten. A beetroot tortilla wrap packed with a carrot and vegetable mix.One of them remarked: “Feed me more now please.” Cons: The taste was great, the food looked great, but there was really no need to label it carrot ‘pastrami’ (especially when pastrami is a meat product). Sweet potato falafel and sliced avocado with a dollop of chipotle ketchup, topped with pickled onions, crunchy red peppers, fresh coriander and charred corn and black bean salsa.Pros: This flatbread has a really strong combination of ingredients which are colourful, fresh and crisp.Our panel of dedicated ‘experts’ (one full-time vegan, two people trialling Veganuary and two meat-eaters) spent trying vegan food, to help you make the most of your lunches.

Sweet potato pakora, fire-roasted red pepper, crispy carrot and creamy Sriracha vegan mayonnaise bundled together in a tortilla wrap.Aside from being a visual delight, the taste was equally exciting with an excellent balance of flavours.Our reviewers were particularly taken with the flavours of the chickpea and lentil curry in contrast with the cool, minty dressing.The bread was stand-out too, really soft and moist.“After reviewing a fair few sandwiches with dry bread, this was a welcome change.” All in all it was filling, satisfying and a lot more interesting than your bog-standard sarnie.

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The mixture of crunchy sweetcorn and peppers alongside creamy avocado went down particularly well.

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