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He mentioned men by name, told me what was wrong with them, what I did wrong on my dates, and concluded by telling me I’d be a better dater if I was having sex as it would make me free.

I sat in wonder as he rattled off his opinion of the last year of my life. It was interesting to hear a man’s perspective on my life, until I snapped out of it and realized I was not listening to man as much as I was listening to a pig.

It was a fun conversation and I found him to be very entertaining.Decide if you're willing to go through ups and downs with them. We have no context of your personal story so there isn’t room for judgement.😘 Those secret scars that you hide from everyone else, God wants to HEAL them. Not a big deal, unless he opts not to shower or change clothes.He was soaked with sweat, smelled like a pig, and had the balls to go in for a hug.

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