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At the edge of the field, a girl named Dalia explained that she was in for drug trafficking.

She'd fallen in with a crowd of low-level gangsters in her hometown.

At 18 months old, the boy had been living in this prison his whole life."Here, Papi!

" Valentina said as she fed him a dollop of blue ice cream from her fingertip.

"The problem is that, in Santa Tecla, they have cameras." She shrugged. We were on the MS-13 side of the prison—all Salvadoran prisons are divided to keep rival gangs apart.

Today was visitor's day, and the young inmates, having been charged with such crimes as robbery, extortion, prostitution, drug trafficking, and murder, were all dolled up, hoping someone on their list would show up. A guard offered a ball to a group of inmates, and a few girls (what else was there to do?

They'd donned their best outfits, brushed their hair, and applied make-up, using one another as mirrors, as if going to a dance or a day out on the town. ) began playing on a mottled, patchy field of overgrown grass.

It was the country's second-highest femicide rate in 15 years (2011 was the highest).

Approximately 45 percent of the murdered women were under the age of 30, and of those, 34 percent were under the age of 18.

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