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A significant amount of sensitive data is stored and processed in relational databases thus creating the need for database forensic tools that will extend file carving solutions to the database realm.

Raw database storage is partitioned into individual “pages” that cannot be read or presented to the analyst without the help of the database itself.

With schema binding, if the base object is bound to another object, you will not be able to modify the based object unless you drop or alter the object to remove the schema binding.

So below shows what happened when I tried to create an index on the view I was using.

Furthermore, by directly accessing raw database storage, we can reveal things that are normally hidden from database users.

There exists a number of database-specific tools developed for emergency database recovery, though not usually for forensic analysis of a database.

Forensic tools assist analysts with recovery of both the data and system events, even from corrupted storage.

In the case of ordinary views you will not get this error.So if you want to create an index on a view or you want to preserve the base table schema once a view has been defined, in both these cases you have to use the "WITH SCHEMABINDING" clause to bind the view to the schema of the base tables.To use schema binding for views, first we will create a sample table in Adventure Works database then a view "vw_sample View" is created on this new table.Finally, we empirically verify our tool's ability to recover both deleted and partially corrupted data directly from the internal storage of different databases.Recently while creating an archival job I noticed that job was taking way too long to complete.

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