Error validating proxy id

This content is relevant for the on-premises version of Web Application Proxy.To enable secure access to on-premises applications over the cloud, see the Azure AD Application Proxy content.Web Application Proxy can't access the Web Application Proxy configuration using the command Get-Web Application Proxy Configuration/Application.This is usually caused by lack of connectivity with AD FS or the need to renew trust with AD FS./Federation Metadata/2007-06/Federation Make sure there is trust established between the AD FS and the Web Application Proxy.If it's very slow, check the connectivity to the backend server and also consider changing the Web Application Proxy global configuration parameter cmdlet for Inactive Transactions Timeout Sec.Using Federated Portal 10.3 with Dot Net proxy on application authentication, we are getting an error code 498 when trying to access a secure map service that was created with the same account as the registered app. 443 - 26.103 - 200 0 -11-13 252.55 POST /portal/sharing/rest/oauth2/token - 443 - 26.103 - 200 0 -11-13 252.55 GET /portal/sharing/rest/generate Token token=w MAAEBUth G1-qcf W2Wob FWPOy UGknoobhsgeagsaefasceo JUd QEk GIRi Rr P2LMcx3R00RPEsh_h XRCS103z Pxn-XJPA_w Xc NMaser F40v Dm Ufp2u EGhn Yawhbeahae ESseghsef4Zjy Pd CBMn Dmbkp-qg Rkde2dg SEfergga A..token=oxc5g Cxtyo-Bbs QRNJ_d JZPY2mq Sh320R9_Ny QUeshe N9ufh DBpc_4RPWUXZlrc02Xw XEIw AFTLgw-l Oa U9a Misrg Vq3ygsdhsefsa U00a0o CMKGk V6DEq WP823Mow-Ee Hqhd8A3gas34xdv HDWmdz V2Pw UAf Q..

If these solutions don't work, run the Install-Web Application Proxy Cmdlet.

This section provides troubleshooting procedures for Web Application Proxy including event explanations and solutions.

There are three places where errors are displayed: This could be caused by any of the following:- The Application Proxy machine was down for too long.- Disconnections between the Web Application Proxy and AD FS- Certificate infrastructure issues- Changes on the AD FS machine, or the renew process between the Web Application Proxy and the AD FS did not run as planned every 8 hours, then they need to renew trust- The clock of the Web Application Proxy machine and the AD FS are not synchronized.

Make sure that the thumbprint configured for the Web Application Proxy is the correct one.

Make sure that the thumbprint configured for the Web Application Proxy is the correct one.13033The client presented an SSL certificate to Web Application Proxy, but the certificate was not within its validity period when verifying against the current system clock or the timestamp in the signed file.

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When the error code is 0x80072ee7, the failurrre is caused by the inability to resolve the backend server URL.

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