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So my question is, how do I complete procedures like requesting extra time on assignments, when it has to be done entirely via email?

Be polite and clear and you’ll most likely be fine.

"A hand-written thank you note is more formal and often, more appreciated, than an emailed note." One of the most uncomfortable tasks that so many us are unfortunately faced with is writing a card to express condolences.

Kidder says it is best to approach this by the same way you would with a thank you card — by taking yourself out of it, focusing on the person you are writing to and perhaps putting yourself in their shoes.

Subject: Recommendation Letter for Student Name Dear Professor Lastname, I am [Name] from your [Course] during the [semester & year].

My final project/paper/presentation was about [topic]. Would you be willing to write me a recommendation letter for [specific scholarship or program]?

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