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However the as yet unknown perpetrator had acted like a madman when he stabbed the young victim. “Further details can’t be released because of the ongoing investigation.” For the investigators, the case is a mystery.

A squad of a hundred police officers searched the area on Thursday morning looking for the murder weapon.

“It might be able to proceed to an arrest soon,” said one investigator.

No witnesses According to information from neighbors, the 14-year-old lived in an apartment alone with her mother and a small dog, a Jack Russel mix. was a passionate skater at the Berlin TSC [sports club].

a tiger), the head of a man, porcupine’s quills, and the tail or sting of a scorpion” — also has an interesting etymology; to quote the OED entry, updated September 2000: Commented-On Language Hat Posts (courtesy of J.

C.) My Languages My Hats E-mail: languagehat AT gmail DOT com My name is Steve Dodson; I'm a retired copyeditor currently living in western Massachusetts after many years in New York City.

They checked out every bin, under every car, in every shrubbery. [Photo caption (not shown): The team of a hundred men searches for the murder weapon.] Murder investigators were knocking on doors everywhere in the neighborhood, showing a photo of the deceased.

The officials hope to get information about their contacts and their last place she was seen.

“The autopsy confirmed the suspicion” For nearly 90 minutes, the rescuers tried to revive the girl. The woman collapsed and has been cared for by a pastor ever since. “The autopsy confirmed the suspicion that the adolescent has been the victim of a homicide,” said Martin Steltner, a spokesman for the prosecutor.

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The name is attested in multiple Berber languages, for instance as uharu and ahra.

A locally popular legend tells that in the period around 900 AD, there were sightings of lions in the area.

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