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In most cases, long-term relationships probably won’t start over a smartphone app.

But apart from PTSD from one too many rattails, dating in Spain (or any foreign country)—however it’s initiated—can provide valuable insight, experiences, fun, and at the very least, some gut-wrenching laughter when you meet up with your girlfriends for a glass of wine post-date to recount how things went so horribly awry. Jenny Marshall studied Language, Culture, and Society at the University of California Santa Barbara, and now teaches English in Spain.

It makes economic sense to stay under one roof, and these days, amplified by high unemployment rates, mamas’ boys are even more ubiquitous. S., if you found out the 27-year-old guy you were grabbing beers with still lived at home, my guess is you’d be texting your friends to send you the preplanned “Grandma fell down the stairs” call.

Unlike specified expat communities like Expatica.com, matchmaking services are targeted towards bringing together an international audience, while also providing features that promote more intimate relationships.

(Keep in mind as a foreigner: Most likely they assume you live in your own apartment, since your parents are back home in the U. If a guy writes you soon after initiating a conversation, “Do you live alone? They wear fanny packs as enthusiastically as my parents.

” his intentions are poorly masked.) The youth unemployment rate (calculated for people under 25) here is truly astounding—it hovers just above 50% nationally. And to make things worse, some even wear them strapped over one shoulder.

A year ago I still had a flip phone and spent my summer days picking blackberries and watching my mother garden.

Now I not only own a smartphone, but have downloaded the dating app Tinder. For those few remaining saints who aren’t familiar with such superficiality, Tinder locates the guys or gals in your area, shows you a few pictures, and you swipe right if you’re interested, left if you’re not.

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Chatting is your best weapon while maintaining a long distance relationship, and as soon as it’s possible, move on to video calls as well. Accessing the service on a smartphone app often brings in bonuses like sending a photo or selfie instantly, and you can continue chatting even after leaving the house. You can catch a local single’s eye with a good photo, but after that they’ll glance over your general description.

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