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Torres was arrested for failing to report the incident and protect the children who were under her care.

It was also learned that she attempted to dissuade the victims from speaking to detectives.

But if you’re looking to get laid…that’s another story. Only 38% of the population is married in Los Angeles, and only 30% are ‘old’, meaning there too many single, young people to count. Note: Nearby Santa Monica and Pasadena finished 11th and 12th, respectively. Only 19% of the population here is married, which is one of the lowest rates in the entire state. This is truly a singles paradise with lots of young, single people partying every night. If you’re a struggling actress, there are lots of attractive shoulders to cry on. We know how kids can be a real game changer at 2 a.m., right?

If you’re a successful actor, then you don’t even need to worry about these rankings. Population: 471,477 Sacramento isn’t as young or single as some of the cities listed above, but across the board, it ranked really high for layability. However, there’s a huge percentage of the population that’s between 35 and 50 – which is right in the wheelhouse for people rounding second base, looking to score. So you’re batting .300 every time you approach that person with the cute smile. Population: 1,322,393 One of the sexiest cities in California just happens to be one of the easiest to score.

I remember one time I was getting road head and she hit the gear shifter into reverse. If you still hadn’t managed to smash by April, here was your last chance before college. Who knew that yardstick from Señor Frog’s were the ultimate aphrodisiac?

Torres pleaded guilty and was released from custody. Castillo’s case is still pending at this time.]Witnesses and victims of crime can call Central Station at (909) 387-3545.

When you’re looking at science and data, Davis just squeaks past Berkeley as the easiest place to get laid in the Golden State. First off, Davis is just about the youngest city in the state. That’s mostly because it’s home to UC Davis, a fairly large school just west of Sacramento.

As you might expect, with such a young population, only 36% of the population is married, and only 27% of the residents have kids.

There are a number of party hot spots in California which have a pretty notorious name for skin and sun.

Sexy places where people are said to hook up fairly often. Well if you live in Davis, you’re probably already aware of the pure excitement level, based on the criteria we list below.

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Population: 110,871 You knew you’d see an Orange County city on this list, didn’t you?

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