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My daddy would say if you ask how much most likely you can't afford one!For over 21 years I have seen these TRD in all 4 colours go for as low 0 and as high as 00.That serum is sent to a vet in the UK that tests it for the rabies antibodies. If you are just looking at puppies I hope my photos help you decide on what you want.If the TRD breed is what you want then figure on paying at least 0 for a cage and the shipping is figured on where that cage with puppy is going across the globe. The cost of a TRD at this age is up to each breeder on what quality he/she has bred.The prevents the "TIRE KICKERS" my daddy warned me about over 50 years ago..We can ship any of these pups to anywhere in the USA, Russia, Africa, Asia and all countries with the 4th month rule on shipping.

It is hard to know people in just one email only asking HOW MUCH??On that first night when I arrived in Bangkok, I heard dogs barking outside my hotel room. For the nine years from 1995 to 2003 I traveled "to and from" a total of 32 different states, living on the road and had settled into 4 different homes breeding a total of 5 different litters get the breed seen as much as I could from dog shows to pet expos to walking up and down the major streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC, New York Hartford, Philly, Chicago, St. I was like playing "Jackie Appleseed" in this breed, so to speak..The next morning I discovered 4 silver-grey blue coloured dogs running and playing in a courtyard of that hotel. Finally, after a 2-3 year stay in LA County in Southern California doing a pet supply business there to earn the money each month to care for my 8 TRD, 2 Thai Bangkaew Dogs I decided to move back to Thailand and settle in Chiang Mai in the north.The EU, UK, NZ, and AUS, and all "island" nations are for sure a lot more money due to the mandatory blood test and 90 waiting period that those countries demand. Now, everyone wants to know about the payment for a TRD??A simple bank deposit into my Bank of America account in California if you live in the USA or into my Bangkok Bank account here in Chiang Mai if you live in Thailand...

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The XANNY litter whelped on 17 October 2017 of 8 GOLD females and 3 GOLD males. st the Xanny pups on the and 2nd the Bo-Dang pups on the 10 April 2018...

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