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I ask her where the jumbo prawns are, following up with the devastating line: “They’re the only ones that really work in a risotto”.

She looks as horrified with me as I am with myself. It’s not you, it’s them None of the rest of the group have had much luck, and we unburden our failings on Jean.

In my eyes she is the near perfect girl - just my type, however from what she's described to me I don't particularly meet her standards. Should I just save myself from disappointment or am I panicking over nothing?

I'm a young woman who's met a girl online and we've been emailing since April.

Of the other 14 participants, nobody was even approaching middle age and some were surprisingly young; some were male but most were female.

About half were taking it deadly seriously and the rest just seemed amused by the whole thing. Location, location, location Flirtation, Jean tells us, is a fun activity for any location.

Now it’s our turn to use everyday objects flirtation aids as we’re pushed into a Tesco Metro.

The shop’s more or less empty but I sidle up to a lone woman in the meat and fish aisle.

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