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Asides networking activities, Founder2be events feature special panel and Q&A sessions.

I think first thing that needs to be clarified is that Founder Dating *has* an event but is *not* an events company.

Provider of an online social network platform to connect entrepreneurs.

The company provides an online dating platform that enables entrepreneurs to connect, share and help potential Co-Founders, advisors and professionals and skilled individuals.

That doesn't mean that everyone in the network is ready/can be your co-founder, but it does guarantee that they have accomplished and will accomplish something in the future.

If nothing else, it makes for great coffee chats with interesting people who may be the next outlier in Startupdom.

Not sure if she also goes by another name (Gail) or what. Who joins a new meetup and right away sends plugs for their own project? It's started some pretty long, snarky threads on the mailing lists to the point where I had to unsub from one.

The goal is to bring a large group of people (50% engineering and 50% business) together around topics in which they are interested.Founder Dating (FD) is primarily an online network. kickoff for new members, etc.), the main value of the network is found online.You can search for people that match the expertise/experience for which you are looking. I got this e-mail from one of their employee in early March:====Hey fellow Dev's, I'm a ux designer who just joined the community and I wanted to share info about a great service that seems super relevant for this crew - Founder Dating (no, it's not romantic). I am part of the Silicon Valley Java User Groups meetup.

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Basically this is a volunteer representative who wants to help out the community.

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