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They want native speaking teachers from Canada, USA, UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.Teachers must also have a university degree, an ESL teaching certificate and one year of teaching experience (online teaching experience preferred).You also have to upload your resume to the website and create a self-introductory video (details on their website) on Youtube.It is not known yet who their students are or how much they pay. Lingua Plex is based in Idaho and they are currently hiring English and Spanish teachers (they also teach a number of other languages).Personally, I teach English face-to-face in the morning and online with Skype in the afternoon.This is a list of online English teaching companies.Beware that some of these companies may have a bad reputation!

They pay with Paypal but it is not known yet how much they pay. A Gateway is a new company and it looks like they are based in Toronto.

They want native speakers with a “North American accent”. English Tutors Online looks like a small company that is focused on helping English learners with specific tasks like writing or presentations. They have their own curriculum and specialize in “The Scarlett Method”. They would like to find teachers that care about people and fostering excellent learning environments so they are very selective about who they hire.

According to their application they want teachers who are able to work in the USA legally. Click here for the comments and the English Tutors Online review page. Click here for comments and the Topic-Time reviews page.

Click here for the ABC International Group review page.

Open English is all over the TV down here in Argentina, (with some really silly commercials) I think it is quite popular across Latin America.

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As of April 29th, 2018 they are hiring and looking for native English speakers. Hoponchat (link removed as it appears the company is out of business) is based in San Francisco and their platform looks interesting.

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