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“To do everything we can to level the playing field.”Conversation AI represents just one of Jigsaw’s wildly ambitious projects.

The New York–based think tank and tech incubator aims to build products that use Google’s massive infra­structure and engineer­ing muscle not to advance the best possibilities of the Internet but to fix the worst of it: surveillance, extremist indoctrination, censorship.

Another free service called Project Shield uses Google’s servers to absorb government-sponsored cyberattacks intended to take down the websites of media, election-­monitoring, and human rights organi­zations.And if that task isn’t daunting enough, Jigsaw is about to unleash Conversation AI on the murky challenge of harassment, where the only way to protect some of the web’s most repressed voices may be to selectively shut up others.If it can find a path through that free-speech paradox, Jigsaw will have pulled off an unlikely coup: applying artificial intelligence to solve the very human problem of making people be nicer on the Internet.Jigsaw is the outgrowth of an earlier effort called Google Ideas, which Google’s then-CEO Eric Schmidt and Cohen launched in 2010 as a “think/do tank.” But aside from orga­nizing conferences and creating fancy data visuali­zations, Ideas didn’t actually much at first.“People would come around and talk a bunch of bullshit for a couple days,” one Google Ideas conference attendee remembers.

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