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Above us now are, for example the Astra series of satellites at longitude 19 deg.East, which broadcast to most of the countries shown in the map below.Travelers on holiday abroad and immigrants coming to the Uk to stay expect to be able to see a little of their home culture even though separated by perhaps thousands of miles.The major tv providers here in the Uk cater only for the largest groups with foreign programmes, however Sky has noticably let down its Spanish & French viewers ,with TVEi going off the air and some other groups too, cutting off their services without notice. In synchronous orbit above the equator are over fifty satellites broadcasting an amazing number of channels in a very large number of languages.I've tried to make it a little easier by splitting the contents up in different languages and presenting the available channels as 'Packages'. If you have any questions, please ask, If there are groups of channels that you would like but are not offered above, then the MULTI dish or a MOTORISED dish may be the choice for you: Please email with your requirements Motor( 80cm) or Motor Star( 100cm )Please note : Although the listed channels are updated periodically, it is difficult keeping up to date with every change on such a large range of channels and satellites so, before ordering please check that your favourite channels are still available free email.I cannot guarantee that the channels on any satellite will continue to broadcast, sometimes the broadcasters change frequencies and even satellite.

To make it simpler to choose, we have divised some 'packages' each one of which has a fixed price.

Providing you have no tall obstructions in the way it is usually possible to pickup the satellite of your choice or using a motorised dish to obtain horizon to horizon coverage.

Many of the Middle Eastern countries are served by satellites that we are able to pick up here in the Uk.

We have been installing satellite tv for many years from Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, the Czech Rep., Balkan states, Scandinavia and many more .

For a full list of channels from each country go to the Sitemap.

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