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Many try to reduce this risk by making images only for people they trust, and with whom they have or hope to have a romantic or intimate relationship.But some teenagers do send sexual images to people they’ve never met.For example, she could use humour by saying ‘Yes, why not?’ and then send a picture of an animal or a stick person.Young people want to be able to talk openly and honestly with their parents about sexting.

You can explain to your child that sexting is a sexual activity.Young people might call it sexting, and they might also use terms like sending a ‘nude’ or a ‘sexy selfie’.You might think that sexting is something risky and dangerous that your teenage child has been pressured into doing.And it means you can find out what your child knows and help her if she gets an image that bothers her, or if she’s worried about an image she has sent.You can help your child feel comfortable about talking to you by telling him you won’t be angry if he finds himself in a difficult situation because of sending a nude.

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