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Isn't this against paypal policy to refuse resolution until the claimant drops a dispute. When you search for TLC marketing on Google, the TLC search summary claims twice that they are number 1 in the world. Why would such a No1 company have such a shonky IT system. I wonder if this happened last xmas / New year Punters lodge Paypal disputes immediately and enter some chat if you have had the same experience.

Epstein: The Man Who Made The Beatles Brian Epstein, one of Liverpool’s favourite son’s; charting his adult life from his drama school days to managing the biggest pop group in the world. One problem is that you have to access through the Optus yestickets site, that logs your into the cinema site.if you have to change session or anything, and click search or back it takes you to another page instead of the yestickets one. The ticket price seems to keep edging upwards, unsurprisingly.Refund if you dont get what you paid for, and an apology = that's fair. Watch a silent film created before your eyes accompanied by captivating live music. Tickets: From £7.50 Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster University, Lancaster.

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