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But if you are interested in understanding the internals of AMQP, then the following old tutorial on the Spring site is still the best - and By understanding the core concepts of exchange, queue and binding keys, you can envisage multiple integration patterns such as pub/sub, req/reply, etc.

Jotting down snippets from the above sites on the similarities between JMS and AMQP. A message sent on a JMS queue is consumed by no more than one client. A message is published to an exchange, which through its bindings may get sent to one queue or multiple queues, effectively emulating JMS queues and topics. Messages are first published to exchanges with a routing key.

For e,g, if your binding key is ..# then all messages for that product category would come to this queue.

While creating subscribers, you have two options - either bind to an existing queue (by giving the queue name) or create a subscriber private queue by specifying a binding key.

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