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Players may have to pay for upgrades, special items, special abilities, expansion packs, etc.

Players may also have to pay for the initial game client (unclear if that counts as f2p). feature: (noun) A feature is a clearly defined, useful or beneficial characteristic of a game.

Back in the early days of Turbine, we called this "degrade mode," leading to odd questions like, "Has he been degraded yet? Text-only multiplayer internet games; MUDs came in many varieties ranging from adventure-oriented MUDs like LPMUDs, to cooperative building environments, or even chat room MUDs.

MUDs predate today's glitzy 3D MMORPGs by many years, and still exist today. You know how elistist science fiction snobs insist on calling Earth "Terra? Used primarily by CEOs, "money," and developers who assert that their product is not just some silly game, but is a sophisticated sociological experiment you leveling treadmill peons couldn't possibly understand.

("It's a bug, not a feature" or the opposite "it's a feature, not a bug" is an oft-used phrase of rebuttal.) fps, frames: frames per second: a measure of game performance.Objects closer are shown in a higher polygon, more graphics-intensive form.This way, the world up close looks very realistic; things further away are simplified to improve game performance.Thanks also to contributors to this gaming terms glossary!| Game Names | Business Terms | | Leet Speak | General Terms | Monster-Related | Combat-Related | | Internet Acronyms | Emoticons | Common Misspellings | Japanese | Note | (Use "Find" function to look up specific words) dupe bug, dupe: A way of duplicating items or money or other in-game assets.

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