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and Mr*, j Vrri U* i Mwrii/in(6» TJipt ttrrre the arrivai of tha new frfiteh o U i Qnkpr Aittrntab^, f RETl V HRUf E. Get,/- frrj Kunch (at ri^ht) leaw$ Str Stihn*m Ckurr-h, Giirdart' wiiti iipr huthnnd' Thn liridn mirn jfifmerty Rirhin Hiibsrt, Uir rltllif Aiiughlt T of thr John Hohurti. Vitfhirla», Thr^j^ »pi H ttar in "Hoar Ukt a Do Bf^ uchich aptfai in Mi-tbtmritr an Morc Ji 7, Cj IJV'T' help envying Julia Me Far Uine and Penny Horn — they* re Bailing ai tfi A^ etui thp mtnuh for fittty and tix aionlhs at iinitvrsily in Ftnrfnee, ftj Uttireii hy tfn months' hfilititiy in ICngtaiul and travftlling rtfttnd the i'.oniine-nt, ITifi' II iii'ij 111 3 |ien! ihcrr — iind tlitn iatei hav F a iki-ing halidny in j^UJ^TANNF.n Kirb Sfc- Mi Han i* wt^nrinj^ an un- u Mial aqujnnarinp Fnga^mcnt rini!

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1959 "Soii — Usicn to mf." Tucker had to jpfak "The otlici night, when you were amy . m afrairl I don't quite fniiuw you." I- i yon know *li ; that mcaits? He TPrnemb^red two hurrieanes m Vpw Ensland, one in l*l-4 while be was siill at Yale, and il ttern an ah Hiliite iiall. "The situation is complicaied by the fact that we are dealing with civilians, and so we mojtt take evt:ry pret Hnlion to prevent pittlir- The only way 1 knov, i^ Iti maintain all Mdute attfecy. Serseani Dofjlnn his men will stand by durin;; tlio loading anil patrol here until the ktt boat is nady to leave. "The flow laborer will lr in rharge of loading Ihe tarpaiiliiu. What jasrinstfd mi* about it zras thr Engl'taft rnr- keterf' ifitrr^tt fn foihi&n^ Thftf u'f Tf aii the hnyi an that wet Saturday with rf- ittxed'Htir JM/pfftfri st'iftn icry bi^^ un ttmisi ed, and t tick e A wt U diwn oi'fr their td Us. M.irinrji I rii Mujfhl Inm to hold liir tin- hi M Iwf H, I |i(i3UJiird yu(* i Mtciidc O that sihoiild a JJ ririr ^lonf^ wilh you? " "Yt-rmj f^rrift LAJit Df Mi'Linmlitt hi", no^ritl^ wm ulill wilh h Ji B. \tv uid^ "Tin %UTt yau'll la- iu^vdr^d it I be Ciuup. KLtiiili Lct,]QQr krio^ ini:r««»e'ij ^cn- a Ec Urily.

" r ve always thotifiht shorts took a rertain amotmt of dignity fr. "Thiy lotik more appro- pri;,^^ on Hoy Scout S- '■ m sorry if they offend you, " ' li, now dnn'f get tipprty with me, Albright- It's not that I'Ji^ The matter ij of no conscqucnti; at the moment became liii Jimate is going to change around here, anyway." ' ! Allow one hour to crosi the iagi Jon and an hour after we get there to settle tfown. ,ind th,ii As file nathes paddied and ^ong, Tdfini's roiet leading them, the people in the Ameri- can lending craft wared their greetings. You'd better arrange to rantact Chief Tanni on die other side and have him ^ct all h U fieople set. indrtd Aiiftir V' mditrttj C, Uir COrti, af ihtl fhtrd Test. Hiiw- ikr d^'il he tforiks to KKplaiii this ihin^^ even lo nilwii Jifci-' Al Wight? " "Thf t^itiiaiitm Ka» itiailged iimnirwl Mi:- Hid yilii \:iy Lhd Tti .\fr Mi W twu Manrtf-9 Iti^re? 'Hirn fm: [Jie boat Ikii L for mr wkh arjr frqti L'Eii/' ■■VVh;it jijoul Sriiit J3? Ho^ Don"t ycfia wnrrv .t UHtit crid Zeb PLkr I'll ■ tear oul Ion;; before the ;id \Tini:r patrcl i Kdkva up. for niuell may uournd tin ihi imprqpnluji J'c^tt n LUki;. * Lij Ck in leikd^niiip * An *HT«qn#]ii ilim Bcl, Of B ppr- chfcju nudc, ih fikrly ip flpeii D. li Ul t Ici Ei't Itl- Ciiv* fun pra Lii to bolp Brv OB- PISCES -A- tiilfih T numhrjr Lhli wrck.

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