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Cady sold out her gay friends to be friends with popular breeder bitches, and she suffered because of it. Not two intellectuals, but well suited for each other and a good physical match.Message: gay friends are better than str8 friends because gay people are inherently superior. I take it this is what is meant by "glass closet"Bennett has not issues a press release but even Helen Keller can tell he's dating Vaughan and seemingly in love. Does Bennett have the kind of fantards who feel they need to defend their idol from all those terrible accusations of being a gay sodomite?I quit that job and have been out at work ever since. But I don't care about minor celebrities coming out.

I came out to my parents (twice), first when I was 12 and then again when I was 18. I didn't tell everyone at the workplace until my mid-20s because of the nature of my work and people acting "uncomfortable" with it and making homophobic comments.Genuine question: is there any actual evidence these guys are a couple? Also, I'm unfamiliar with Bennett, has he actually ever indicated that he is gay/bi?Basically what I'm asking is, is any of the stuff in this thread corroborated by the subjects themselves or is this all speculation?I was making an astute observation that most celebrities wait until their "old" and irrelevant to come out of the close. R37 You zeroing in on a single grammatical error (as if they are not a dime a dozen on the internet), says all that we need to know about you.I'm from a generation where a vast majority of gay men come out as teens. "Their" not "old" (in Bennett's case, he's 36) and your observation was not "astute" since he's been out for quite a while but too insignificant a celebrity to make a statement. You have no idea if Bennett came out to his family when he was in his teens or early 20s. R26, Let's break it down.(a) I thought you were going away.(b) You've made more than one ridiculous grammar error.

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