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As we sat beside each other on the couch, watching the hot blonde getting her pussy eaten by another woman while we beat off, I felt like we had never been closer. We both watched a few more minutes of the video; but we had lost interest. He searched for a suitable scene and found one soon enough: A solo scene featuring a hot short-haired girl and a vibrator. After that scene, we found another involving ass-fucking. I'm…' But it looked so slippery on his cock; made Ken's dick look so…so…'Yeah, OK, I think I will.' I reached over to grab the bottle, but Ken had other ideas. 'I'm sorry, man…I just…never had a guy touch my…touch me before.' His face looked up into mine, just inches away. I'll stop, Timmy.' His hand felt exquisite on my balls; the oil, his big, warm hand… Kenny knows what's up; I'll follow his lead and learn something.

Suddenly, in a flash, my orgasm began deep within me. I sat beside him, waiting for a clue; I wanted to follow his lead. Kenny hadn't even touched his yet, and it was hard as a rock. ' He continued stroking, watching my face to see if I were going to stop him. God, I found myself hoping desperately that he wouldn't be mad at me… This must just be something I don't completely understand, I thought.

He puts her down on her hands and knees and fucks her pussy from behind and then moves on to the third friend! Three naked girls riding and sucking his dick, masturbating and kissing each other!

Sexy girl take turns bouncing up and down on his dick until he jizzes all over their faces!

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A year and a half my senior, he always had time to help me out of a jam or to give me advice. Kenny knew I masturbated; we had each teased each other and joked about it over the years, as all guys did. 'Man that's hot…' he continued, still mashing his hand into the crotch of his jeans. Something about this situation had touched a nerve in me; one I'd never felt before…I couldn't think straight and my heart pounded in my chest.

One weekend last summer, Kenny was staying in for the night, and asked if I wanted to watch a movie. ' This was very cool…hanging out with my big brother and watching skin flicks…I tried hard to conceal the fact that the scenes on the screen were really turning me on, but soon enough, I had a first class hard-on.

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He flips her over, spreads her legs and keeps eating her out while she plays with her tits and she can’t believe her friends haven’t caught on yet!

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