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Contrary to the other characters who are very serious, he provides comic relief by, among other things, flirting with Akane.A former Enforcer who was under Inspector Shinya's supervision while he was still alive.He bought me show horses to compensate for his temper, and also so he could keep an eye on me. I was an artist and into music, and would spend a lot of time alone studying science books and magazines. Started college intending to do nothing there but party, and so I did.I went to school 5 minutes from home, yet did not visit or call my dad for over a year, and within 3 years had blown through a huge trust left to me by my mother on alcohol, drugs and frivolous stuff.Unfortunately, his company still haven't perfected the way out of The Fog of Ages, so he's fighting it for now Touma was a criminal in the backstory who killed many and turned their corpses to plastic, to make "art".

A daughter of the once famous surrealist painter, who gradually lost the will to live Rich and cultured industrialist behind the influential company producing bionic limbs and stuff, he's a complete cyborg and advocates the cyborgization as a way to the better world (and immortality).

I still had a place to lay my head at grandma's, but I would spend days if not weeks living out of my old car, wandering from flop house to flop house, drinking and drugging.

The highlight of every evening was seeing a band play out somewhere locally.

Some people just take the 'Net life too seriously, and Mido definitely was one of them.

A big fan of countercultural 'Net personalities, he took upon himself to preserve the "purity" of their mission, lest they "sell out".

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His disillusionment over his life being chosen for him has led him to denounce the System through terrorist bombings.

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