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I’ve tried to find the redeeming quality that Rachel saw in Barry, and the only thing I can think of is that he wouldn’t be around very much because he works as an orthodontist.

He tried to make Rachel feel guilty about leaving him at the alter when he was hooking up with Rachel’s BFF Mindy behind her back for months, then cheated on Mindy with Rachel post-wedding.

Rachel's dating adventures throughout the 10 seasons of Friends may have had some ups (Ross! ugh) but hey, at least she was able to date in New York City without the use of Tinder.

As terrible as I feel putting Joey this far down on the list, I loathed the short-lived relationship between Rachel and Joey, mainly because it dared to question the validity of their friendship.

Joey would be a fantastic boyfriend to many women (remember Kate?

Plus, Rachel finds a gravy boat sexier than Barry is. Chip was Rachel’s high school boyfriend, and while we don’t really see much of Chip, he does go on an ill-fated dated with Monica.

Chip is the classic cool guy who peaked in high school, and still works at the same part-time job he did senior year. He was a doctor of gums and essentially all of the terrible things about Ross rolled into one leather-wearing jerk.

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He took care of Emma so Rachel could go to a meeting, gave her a scarf for her birthday, and brought her chicken soup when she faked sick to avoid him. In another life, this could have totally been a real thing.

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