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Dwarf Fortress Maddened by the recent epidemic of elephant attacks, a talented dwarven artisan locks the dwarves in their workshop.

They emerge days later—exhausted, calm and bearing an ornate bracelet inlaid with gold and engraved with an image of an elephant stomping a dwarf into the ground.

It’s a clever and well-written sci-fi social simulation, but players who prefer a slightly more contemporary setting might want to check out the slightly more mundane Kudos 2 (available from the same publisher) as well.

Real Lives 2010 If you’ll pardon the pun, things get a lot more real in Real Lives 2010 than they ever do in The Sims.

Trying to provide the best life for a character and their family, no matter what circumstances they were born into, makes Real Lives 2010 an incredibly interesting (if somewhat depressing) experience.

Of course even within The Sims franchise there’s a wealth of choices, especially if you don’t mind digging firing up an older console for some of the more experimental branches of the series, like The Urbz. On second thought, maybe I’ll stick with Harvest Moon.

The Sims series provides many different gaming experiences for many different people.

Its open-ended and intricate systems allow players to play however they want to play rather than pushing them into a one-size-fits-all experience.

If players are incredibly lucky they’ll roll a character born into a charmed and comfortable life, but the odds are not in their favor; in the vast majority of Real Lives 2010 playthroughs, characters will have to contend with crime, poverty, famine and disease.Tomodachi Life Tomodachi Life is an excellent recent example of an “ant farm” game.Players create a cast of neighbors to populate an island, fulfill their basic needs and help them with their fashion choices and décor, but beyond that the player’s role is to sit back and observe the weird and surprising things that can happen.And yes, you can use those spells whenever and wherever you want.This underrated slice-of-magical-life feels a little more purposeful than Animal Crossing, and it’s a solid choice for players who would prefer an ever-so-slightly less realistic world.

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