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His inability to pick up on hidden agendas makes him easy prey to certain cruelties, as when some kids paid him a few dollars to wear a ridiculous outfit to school.

Clearly bright and imaginative, he has no friends his own age.

to the most able, highly intelligent person with social impairment in its subtlest form as his only disability.

It overlaps with learning disabilities and shades into eccentric normality."Asperger's notion of a continuum that embraces both smart, geeky kids like Nick and those with so-called classic or profound autism has been accepted by the medical establishment only in the last decade.

These techniques, however, require prodigious amounts of persistence, time, money, and love.

Though more than half a century has passed since Kanner and Asperger first gave a name to autism, there is still no known cause, no miracle drug, and no cure.

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