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While many Sami have modernized and few continue to practice traditional nomadic life, a variation of that lifestyle continues.

Contemporary composers such as Åse Hedstrøm, Nils Henrik Asheim, and Cecilie Ore frequently employ themes drawn from ancient folklore, developing work performed by such ensembles as the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, and the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.

Norway has markedly increased its exports of furniture, enamelware, textiles, tableware, and jewelry, much of which incorporates design motifs reflecting these cultural heritages as well as avant-garde styles.

A distinctive Scandinavian decorative art form called offer classes in this and other crafts.

The production of Norwegian-made feature films is subsidized, but they usually number about 10 each year.

Many of those films are derived from Norwegian literature, including an adaptation of Undset’s novel )—most of the dialogue of which is in the Sami language—was nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign language film in 1988.

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