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”I went in the water and did the paddling, came in and out of the water, then finished all my stuff, then I just started crying sobbing,” she says.

”I felt nauseous, I felt really crap and then I realised I was realising all the trauma from the pilot.” Not quite as distressing but still tough was trying to master the local Hawaiian tongue.

Sensationally beautiful and talented actress and model Grace Park is an excellent figure with hundreds of reasons to be appreciated.

Grace Park is a Korean-American actress who has sketched a noticeable place in the world of modeling and acting proving herself through her astonishing works.

But, filming the basic action for the pilot episode ended up proving traumatic for the actor, with an intense shore break throwing her around like an ant in a washing machine.

Without knowing it, she developed almost a mild case of post-traumatic stress disorder from the incident, which she only realised when she returned to the water two months later to film another scene.

Carrying on her work with all the efforts she has, Grace Park has proven that impossible can be defined unrealistic if anyone has the determination to reach and dedication to own.

Grace Park has the weight of 48.5 kg and height of 5 feet 9 inches, which perfectly suits her personality.

Kono is also supposed to be a pro surfer something Park is definitely not.

Born in California, she along with her family moved to Canada in her very early years. She had her graduation from Magee Secondary School and earned a degree in psychology from the prestigious and historical University of British Columbia.

Grace Park has been married to Phil Kim since the year 2004, and they share one gorgeous child together.

So I listened to her and did it and she said, `No’.

So I’d do it again and she’d say, `No’ and then I was like, `What should I be doing?

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