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Our office works with students, department chairs, and academic advisers to assist students having academic difficulty, resolve unexpected administrative issues, and create departmental policies. students may be awarded an MS degree, while continuing to work towards their Ph. Approval is required from your current department, the department of your new intended major, and the Office of Graduate Academics. Request an Extension of Time to Complete a Degree The program for a graduate certificate must be completed within 3 years.

As a member of the Graduate Curriculum and Standards Committee (GCSC), we help faculty develop new programs, create new courses, improve current courses, and establish guidelines to enrich the quality of education offered by NYU Tandon. Please note that this form cannot be used to change degree level (for example, from an MS degree to a Ph. The MS degree programs must be completed within 5 years.

The YA2 hold will prevent registration and course adjustments beginning on a date determined by Graduate Academics, normally prior to the first day of the semester.If you have been disqualified, you may appeal to the Graduate Appeals Committee for one final semester of study.If the Committee approves, then you must meet with your academic adviser and complete the Acknowledgment of Disqualification and Successful Appeal form.The Academic Probation Hold, YA0, is placed on Albert for all students on academic probation, and prevents students from adding or dropping courses.Once the Acknowledgment of Academic Probation form is submitted, the YA0 hold is replaced with either a YA1 hold, for students on academic probation for the first time, or a YA2 hold, for students on academic probation for the second and final time.

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