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Carl's Jr didn't pick Nina Agdal for their Super Bowl Commercial for nothing.If you're going to be aired alongside basketball players, you need to be at least 5ft 9 inches.In 2012, Camila appeared in James Franco's documentary tribute to Joaquin Phoenix, page was standing on its own two legs before she was dating Leo. It's "safe" to post a double chin pic when you're inching your way towards 20 million Instagram followers. To be fair, Camila follows @pizzaboys on Instagram. Or the Russian Anne) Camila was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, although, she now lives in Los Angeles (and totally has the "LA accent").2013 marked Camila's first movie, although romancing Leo will get you perks – like starring alongside Bruce Willis in Death Wish. "I'm only accident prone in normal situations," Camila told Noticed how some of Hollywood's biggest A-Listers have that "exotic" streak in them? The City of Angels is where these two were first spotted together– Leo strolling through West Hollywood with his arms around a mysterious lady wasn't going to get past the paparazzi. In 2016, Camila graced the cover of Working out is one thing. In 2016, Nina Agdal told that she "works out three times a day." Being a newly-minted Victoria's Secret model isn't good enough. Former girlfriend, Nina Agdal, admitted that she works out "three times a day." Camila doesn't just work out. Speaking to in 2016, Camila said that living in LA is "terrible for her walking." That it "takes two steps to get anywhere." Probably why she boxes three to four times a week, hits up Pilates classes, does yoga, and trains with an MMA fighter. Camila's workout buddy at the New York Dogpoung gym? If you're a guy, you'll be familiar with the most annoying girl trait in the world.For Leo, you don't just need to be impossibly leggy and good-looking.You need to be , although, he was finding time for Erin Heatherton. The reason Leo is no longer dating the Victoria's Secret model, Anne Vyalitsyna?Again, taller than Leo, was Toni Garrn, although Calvin Klein didn't sign her up as exclusive on height alone.Between the remaining Naomi Campbell, Bar Refaeli, Erin Heatherton, Helena Christensen, Kelly Rohrbach, and Eva Herzigova, you should have gotten the pattern by now.

Camila shared this Instagram snap showing that The Godfather is her "stepfather." Al Pacino has even warned Leo "not to hurt his stepdaughter." Talk to the hand just became a lot less of an option for Leo.Still, model-turned-actress is Leo's favorite blend. For all the serious roles Leo has played, this actor is one funny guy. Well, aside from the stringent requirements of being a Victoria's Secret spokesperson, making every other woman out there feel like a midget, and being under 25... Name one supermodel who will update her Instagram with a double chin pic like this one. If Sofia Vergara weren't, like, 30 years above the age limit, her fiery and exotic vibe could totally audition to be Leo's, actor isn't interested in local fare. Supermodel bodies may fall from the skies for these women, but the expectations are just as high. Leo isn't the world's most open book, but we do know a bit about him. Men see the word "pasta" and think: "yum." Girls see the word "pasta" and their very first thought is: "Carbs." Indulge all you want, but maintaining a model physique and chowing down on the carbonara is a skill that only a select few can handle.Like his surprising love of rap music (he totally digs Kendrick Lamar, according to ). Leonardo Di Caprio's favorite food comes straight from his Italian-sounding name. "I can eat cheese pizza like nobody's business," Camila told .Camila and Leo are "family friends," according to, who reported that at 20 years old, Camilla has known Leo for half of her life. It'll start to make sense when you find out the kinds of fame Camila is related to.The next one has Leo written all over it, though...

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