Groundwater age dating

Natural recharge to the water table can be diffuse or localized.

Diffuse recharge is the widespread movement of water from land surface to the water table as a result of precipitation over large areas infiltrating and percolating through the unsaturated zone.

The research and services that are offered at the Dissolved and Noble Gas Service Center are based upon the usage of noble gases and their solubilites to infer the conditions and time at wich precipitation and surface water runoff entered the groundwater system.

We also employ anthropogenic chemicals as tracers to determine groundwater recharge ages.

Using a coupled groundwater and soil model for a groundwater basin in Belgium, leads to a drop in the groundwater table, which can have a negative impact on vegetation.Coupled with the changes in the hydrological cycle and probable inducement of climate change basic elements, the Ground water recharge includes recharge as a natural part of the hydrologic cycle and human-induced recharge, either directly through spreading basins or injection wells, or as a consequence of human activities such as irrigation and waste disposal.Artificial recharge with excess surface water or reclaimed wastewater is increasing in many areas, thus becoming a more important component of the hydrologic cycle.With a sea level rise of only 0.1 m, the thickness of the freshwater lens decreased from 25 to 10 m for the first island and from 36 to 28 ).For many semiarid areas, a decrease in precipitation is projected and enhanced ET in the warmer world might cause a salinization of groundwater.

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