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The company has even gone so far as to ask customers to take photos of their ticket stubs to prove that they attended the screening they signed up for, and not a more expensive version.Lowe says that Movie Pass has reinstated 10 percent of banned accounts after finding the movie theater at fault, and describes the request for evidence as a way to help reinstate wrongly canceled customers.Lowe readily acknowledges that it sometimes took weeks, if not longer, for the company to deliver the debit cards to new subscribers.Complaints to customer service lines would go either unanswered or inadequately addressed.

Lowe sees Movie Pass’s customer service issues as falling into two equal but distinct categories: Inadequate communication of information to new customers about how the service works, and actual breakdowns in the mechanisms that power Movie Pass.But the deeper tension at play—that of balancing customer satisfaction with building a profitable business—may not be so easily solved.Gripes have followed Movie Pass since it launched its revised subscription model last August.We know all about you.” That came as a surprise to anyone who had read Movie Pass's privacy policy, which says that it makes a single location request to check you in to see your selected movie and no more.In fairness, there’s no indication that Movie Pass does track people beyond that check-in within 100 yards of a theater.

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