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He gets bonus points for dealing drugs, visiting prostitutes and running over anyone who gets in his way.

So far, the game has managed to outrage almost everyone.

There was an incident in Croydon, south London, last week that would have been sad and horrible if it hadn't been so laced with irony.

A young man, queuing to buy a new computer game, was brutally stabbed by a complete stranger.

unremitting bleakness and callousness of tone", although that decision was recently overturned). All parents of every generation worry about their children. In the Sixties it was television (for some, it still is).

Go back to the 19th century and you'll find our Victorian forefathers fulminating about the penny-dreadfuls with the adventures of Varney the Vampire and Spring-Heeled Jack, which to them seemed just as bad as computer games today. And every advance in technology seems to bring with it an almost Luddite counter-reaction.

something that even Niko Bellic doesn't have to worry about.

Many of the Croydon shoppers who witnessed the assault assumed that the whole thing was a publicity stunt dreamed up by the manufacturer, Edinburgh-based Rockstar North.Look at the work of Darren Shan, hugely popular with young teens – his Cirque du Freak will be on the cinema screens soon."The dripping sound – a body hanging upside down from the webby ceiling in the centre of the room. Blood drops to the floor from the gaping red O of the neck." And that's the hero's father we're talking about in the opening chapter of Lord Loss!And here's Keith Vaz MP, who has become a fierce critic of many of the new computer games: "This kind of violence should be deplored.A young person's mind is impressionable and the interactive violence of Grand Theft Auto is going to have an impact on them." But how much of an impact and how bad is it going to be?

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