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he I Hll BE ^EXPGNDITURE ■aid they could not have algned th# * " ^ ^ nest^XKbvdi tteaty i Hth Odi^iaahy a^ their statures ^ the Al Uss CH RAILWAYS WAa HHWr r ON. f Mes pa»^ay Ameri- cana, the atata Department haa oalled the attention of the owning corpora- tion, the Callfomla -Mexican L*nd Cerapany, of Iioe Angeles, to the atti- tude of the United dtaitea Qoveraateat toward sufdi ealea of property wtiljh for mmmw MHd H C 01 OTTAWA.

IHi Pas R eo w V ery pretty Jaaa- haaa daiicn DIalaa Ta Pla aad aas at J Diatap Qhalva, lardfa Sare Itaad apd " " ir f^abla Garar, | ARf Mm HKMINGWAY Wednesday, Ai Nr O 2 will te U by public sacti OB ft E. railertoa's Rsach, l;powa at 'psrt o( the JWtcha B H apip i I s p I , east aad al Telafrtph Rpa4 «t tm A Saap Mr Ro O, s HIba Craokery aad ah MBif value at .75 and $! always a very popuhr and dainty Coat^ fo^^^^^^ -Inexp^sive, biit presentmg such good '^f^^mf^ tl? The colors offered for your cfew ar«*ic»iiit will go quickly.

; -^Reefer* are inchidc4 iti these pretty styles ^^pif . They are shown in great vari^ ety, allowing you to make a ready choice.

^Wa lia- daatear la ha«« barpataa ta apy- thiap a aeessa r y for a hovgp.

c Of Mt Paaina Caaa* Ptoe Ae st * Fiaaea la 14 It SH If Wry Me tm i R 141 WW^f Mlf W ^^"5 ^^mm •.••esea CHICWP WWW SMKET I44l U4 lisirifil HOUBOMM 747 fm M T RBCRMITIES 17«8 II I* p i esi saf ta top teeira «P tta 9a V af aar fat- ro Bs aot to «ralt far aar • a Uip S a y Mat hut rather ptok ap their bar- galas through the week as the new gooda arrive. after all, an only suggestions; you must oaai- ptura t|ia spads with tha prteea ta fairly ISdte a harpaln. S4: i eom- Maad Pa Ch Hiraa'a Rehaoi Oeapa •Mi Ip Ma «ea4. Oaatra ^hi Me Pir wrai^, Itockers, Cha U^ omamepta, Cartatoa, Blinds.

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