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Red indicates high priority treatment or transfer, yellow signals medium priority, green indicates ambulatory patients and black for dead or moribund patients.

Triage should be carried out at the site of disaster, in order to determine transportation priority, and admission to the hospital or treatment centre, where the patient's needs and priority of medical care will be reassessed.

Introduction: In the past two decades, there have been many natural and man made disasters in India.

Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, cyclones, droughts and human made such as terrorist acts, Nuclear or chemical war, fires and industrial accidents.

Providing proper care to casualties requires, that the health service resources be redirected to this new priority.

Bed availability and surgical services should be maximized. A centre should be established to respond to inquiries from patient's relatives and friends.

Social Factors: Are those that contribute to the individual social support systems. Period of time when disaster occurs, continuing to immediately following disaster.b.

Loss of family members, changes in roles and the questioning of religious beliefs are social factors to be examined after a disaster.5. Inventory and rescues period.Ø Assessment of extent of losses.Ø Identification of remaining sources.Ø Planning for· Use of resources· Rescue of victims· Minimizing further injuries and property damage.Ø May be brief when disasters strike suddenly and is over in minutes (air plane clash, building collapse) or lengthy as incident continues (earthquake, flood, tsunami etc.)3) Post impact phasea. These three aspects of disaster management correspond to different phases in the so - called “disaster cycle” as shown in below.

Search, rescue and first aid After a major disaster, the need for search, rescue and first aid is likely to be so great that organized relief services will be able to meet only a small fraction of the demand.S - Sentiments T - Tragedies E - Eruption of Communicable diseases.R - Research programme and its implementation THE GLOBAL SCENARIOImpact of natural disaster in the last 30 years.Ø Death of 3 million peopleØ Economic loss increased due to disaster like floodØ In Indian scenario, 34jmijlion people affected per year and 5116 death per year.Ø In US, economic loss is 400 million dollar and 3 million people died.Moribund patients who require a great deal of attention, with questionable benefit, have the lowest priority.Triage is the only approach that can provide maximum benefit to the greatest number of injured in a major disaster situation.

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