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We conclude that our data set is a useful resource for the scientific community and our method can be broadly applied in the future.Protein half-life determination in non-dividing cells requires precise and accurate measurement of protein fold changes.see: adding admins to amxmodx & configuring amxmodx plugins & inserting custom plugins Install a FTP server to enable fast downloading.Rsync maps & other resources to a FTP directory mirroring the hlds information with out copying passwords or exposing critical configurations.

To extract steam ids from halflife & mods open a game terminal using ~ & type status, look for your in game player name & copy down the id for later insertion into server files.

This quantification strategy is, thus, well suited for determining protein half-lives of long-lived proteins in non-dividing cells.

Five different non-dividing cell types, human B-cells, monocytes, NK cells, hepatocytes, as well as mouse embryonic neurons were each labeled with medium containing R (heavy SILAC) for four different time intervals ranging between 6 and 72 h (Fig. Taken together across all five cell types, protein half-lives were determined for a total of 9699 unique protein groups (Supplementary Data 2).

We introduced two innovations into the data analysis workflow.

First, we use the exact elemental composition of the identified peptides for calculating the theoretical isotopic envelope (see methods).

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