Handle intimidating people

Or if it helps, list the consequences, if you weren’t around, that this person will experience.Grasp why the relationship with this person is important to you both.As mentioned above, you will probably feel that you’re not at the same level of this person.

You might have heard they are an ogre, or aggressive.Is it because you don’t have a strong sense of the value you add to this person?Are you struggling to understand how your working relationship is mutually-beneficial?This person might be tall in stature, eliciting a ‘fight or flight’ response in you. Does this person use coarse language or aggressive words? Perhaps this person is a mystery to you – one moment they seem on side, and the next against you?Do they behave in a way that leaves you puzzled and not knowing what to do next? You probably don’t see them behaving meekly, rather, you see their fight response, shrouded as intimidation or aggression.

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