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Harry & ginny - taking care of you harry wants to take ginny but now harry could tell from her voice that her nose was getting more and more stuffed-up harry.Harry/ginny recommended fanfiction here are all the great fanfiction stories that i've read that are about harry and ginny it's one of the best harry/ginny.Like Harry and Ginny, this is one of my favorite couples of the series, but that doesn't mean that they didn't have their issues.Remus Lupin abandoned the pregnant Tonks for fear his werewolf status meant he wouldn't be a good father.As I still haven't fully recovered from the author's 2014 revelation, here are 12 couples from Harry Potter far more regrettable and toxic than Ron and Hermione.

Viktor Krum genuinely liked his Herm-Own-Ninny and the pair themselves weren't too toxic, but Ron's jealousy toward them certainly was unhealthy.

The young Harry had to give Lupin a severe talk to make him return to his family, but shortly after, the courageous pair were killed. Although Winky received no love from the movie version of Harry Potter, she was a prominent elf in the book series.

While Dobby and Winky may not have had a true romantic relationship, she never shared Dobby's desire to be free and ended up becoming a drunk when she was let go by her master.

I do have some sympathy toward Cho since she had been conflicted about her feelings for Harry and Cedric Diggory, but maybe she shouldn't have dated Harry so quickly after Cedric died??

Dare I say that Harry Potter's ultimate relationship was not that great?

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