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Meaning instead of being XX or XY, they have XXY chromosomes, and any manifestation of both reproductive organs.It does NOT mean that someone has a functioning penis and a functioning vagina at the same time.The caudal fin is very deeply forked; its upper lobe is prolonged as a long filament, although most lancetfishes seem to lose this when captured.The anal fin originates under the last dorsal ray, and is deeply concave in outline.While they have not been shown to participate in diel vertical migration, they have been found in a huge variety of depths.The large size, wide depth distribution, and opportunistic diet of lancetfish have lent them to the study of other pelagic biodiversity because their voraciousness can be used to survey smaller organisms throughout the deep-sea that are difficult to capture by other means.Browse listings of Member members that have joined Hermaphrodite Relationship that are tagged with Rock.Meeting others who have like minded interests is a pefect way to come up with ideas to do once you are dating.

Lancetfish possess a long and very high dorsal fin, soft-rayed from end to end, with an adipose fin behind it.

While they are known to be simultaneous hermaphrodites, spawning has never been observed.

They likely are planktonic spawners from the small size and pelagic transmission of their larva.

The ventral fins are about halfway between the anal fin and the tip of the snout, while the pectoral fins are considerably longer than the body is deep and are situated very low down on the sides.

No scales are present, and the fins are very fragile.

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While the exact pathway of this ingestion is not yet clear, lancetfish likely have some affinity with the epipelagic, but this could be by way of direct migration or migration of prey which had eaten plastic at the surface and returned to depth.

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