Historial dating methods

A related field called womanist criticism interprets texts from the perspectives of African American women specifically.

Scholars trained in sociology examine the New Testament writings in light of such phenomena as the diaspora migrations of Jewish people and the military occupation of Palestine.

Rhetorical critics are interested not only in the point that a writing wishes to make but also in the basis on which that point is established (the types of arguments or proofs that are used).

The approach to New Testament texts known as reader-response criticism focuses on how texts have been understood or might be understood by readers who engage them in different ways and in various contexts.

For example, they analyze how factors of social location (age, gender, nationality, economic status, and so on) inevitably affect the ways that readers engage texts and help to determine what they think those texts mean. Somewhat related to reader-response criticism are a multitude of approaches to the New Testament that seek to explore how these writings might be interpreted when they are read from particular ideological perspectives.

Feminist criticism expounds the meanings of different books and passages when read from a gender-conscious point of view.

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