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According to this study “There was an obvious preference to assign male sex.” This, despite the contradictory evidence from studies conducted in western countries: “It is often technically easier to treat (and therefore raise) the child as female (it is easier for a surgeon to make female genitalia than it is to make male genitalia), so in some cases this is recommended even if the child is genetically male.” So why are so many Saudi families that have children with ambiguous genitalia assigning male sex for clearly genetical females?I guess it’s obvious what the preferred gender is in Saudi-Arabia.I’ve seen the most peculiar and rare genetic disorders and birth defects in the pediatric patients I’ve taken care of in Saudi Arabia.The prevalence of certain genetic diseases is very high in Saudi-Arabia compared to the rest of the world because of high rates of consanguinity (cousin to cousin), reaching up to 80% of all marriages in some regions.They're also considering turning Cody into a kind of therapy dog for transgender young people."We also may want to use Cody to talk to teens who maybe are going through the same things, we want to reach out to Affirmations in Ferndale and maybe we can use Cody as an example that there's nothing wrong with you, it's not strange, it happens to the best animals and the best people ...

If there is reasonable certainty that a medical mistake was made in the assignment of gender, it would not be beyond biblical bounds to prayerfully consider reassignment.Thus, if a same-sex attraction develops, celibacy and singleness, as opposed to homosexual licentiousness, is the proper response (cf. Indeed, anyone suffering from gender confusion should not pursue marriage until the confusion has been biblically resolved.Though this may seem harsh, it is no different than the requirement placed on all believers to die to sin and live for righteousness through the power of Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit (Romans 6).The term “hermaphrodite” is derived from conjoining the name of the Greek god Hermes with the Greek goddess Aphrodite.Today, hermaphroditism is appropriately referred to as “intersex” or as a “disorder of sex development” (DSD).

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