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And I did commercials — I think I have that "ethnically ambiguous person" look that books commercials.

I have been called a sellout before by one of my friends who's like not even in the acting world anymore.

My first commercial story is kind of sad and really indicative of the industry.

It was in Chicago, it was for some pharmaceutical company.

I was on high heels walking on a treadmill for a yeast infection commercial and it was a union job where they basically ended up paying me a 0 flat fee to run a yeast infection commercial nonstop on local cable.

That experience early on made me think, if given the choice of all of these hours spent in an audition room, Niccole: There have been a lot of times when it was really hard and I wanted to quit.

We put up shows together and were producing our own short films, then we produced a web series.Just six months ago, I broke up with my boyfriend and I was living in L. He had just moved out of my apartment and I was like, . But after the break-up, I booked three jobs back to back, and then this job.The older you get, the longer it feels like it's taking, the more you just are like, Laura: I had a weird year a couple years ago where I was the closest I ever got to a couple of really big jobs, where it was down to me and someone else.I would just take the train into the city and take classes, it was my hobby on the weekends.When you're little and have a lot of energy and want to perform, there's this idea of like, I had to find anxiety management through my hobbies.

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Then if they like that, they call you and say they want to fly you to New York to test.

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