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Chase is making out like a bandit even when he insults the women.House is pessimistic until he meets someone who appears to be a police detective who loves puzzles and complains that her job is too simple because criminals are stupid.Wilson returns to his office to find posters for the porno film he appeared in. Wilson orders Nurse Belinda to get his poster for Vertigo back. He goes to Chase for help in getting back at House.However, Chase notes that House openly frequents prostitutes and bookies.Chase realizes she might have trouble with her heart valves. All of the symptoms can be explained by Sjogren's, just like Chase said. The alternative is a pig heart valve, but those have to be replaced about once every ten years.They leave Frankie and Taylor to discuss the option. Taylor doesn't want her too, but she insists she has to tell her readers about everything.

If you live in Maryland and are so successful and busy that you don't have time to meet new people, don't like to date clients or co-workers and are not interested in the bar scene then try Pre-Dating speed dating events! Frankie gets up to urinate and talks about why she writes, but then she tells the doctors her urine is mud-colored. House thinks is more likely Haff disease and orders treatment.House isn't reading Frankie's blog because there is too much evidence. He also wants to know why Wilson lost one of the porno videos on the way back to the store and paid for it too.Private Lives is a 6th season episode of House which first aired on March 8, 2010.A blogger comes to the hospital with severe bruising and bleeding, but her insistence of sharing the details of the case and the secrets of her treating physicians on her blog inundates the team with unsolicited advice.

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Meanwhile, House and Wilson pry into each other's personal lives in search of embarrassing secrets of each other's pasts.

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