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We think about whether or not the two of us are compatible, if we share interests, could we work well together if this turned into a longer relationship?This all comes back around to compatibility, and compatibility takes time. One of you recently asked me what I think about guys and girls hugging. I went to a public school where hugging guys was no big deal. Would you be ashamed if people could read your thoughts as you hugged him? It’s just that behind our arms, we house a sinful heart that can pervert even something good into something not good. The simple fact of the matter is, if we asked you out, we are interested. But the funny thing is, we don’t always know if the feeling is mutual.After finally working up the courage to ask you out, plan the date, pay for dinner, and so on, a guy wants to know—are you or aren't you?

So why would this be any different when it comes to dating?

It’s unfair for the girl when the guy doesn’t take initiative, and it’s unfair for the guy when the girl expects him to know what she’s thinking. Even if he's into you and wants that next date, he's probably nervous. " If you want to put his mind as ease and encourage that second date ask, feel free to drop a line like this: “Thanks for a great date, I would love to hear from you this week.” I don’t say this as a cop-out for the guys out there.

Towards the end of the date a guy would ideally say, “Hey, I really enjoyed spending time with you tonight and getting to know you. He’s probably saying to himself, "Should I ask her out now? I say this because when you hint at your expectations, it empowers both the guy and the girl to be more free in the relationship.

But when we step back and think about it, why would we want to force this?

When you meet that special someone, you want it to be exactly that: .

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