Indianapolis dating ideas

And if we’ve learned anything from Renaissance painters, we all know oysters are the food that attracts lovers to you like moths to a flame.

The Chatterbox is a legendary jazz club that has been going strong on Mass Avenue long before that stretch of road was cool.

Make a night of it with tacos and tequila at La Margarita on the ground floor.

Nothing warms the blood like this variety-show take on the art of the tease, combining comedy and music with your standard-issue shimmying.

It’s not just easy on the eyes but a great place of peace and quiet where quality conversations can flourish.

This base model of this lunch date costs about for an outstanding pulled pork sandwich and drink from Gomez BBQ in City Market, and the best view of the city for free on the observation deck of the City-County tower.

It frequently hosts pick-up sessions between some of Indianapolis’s (and the world’s) most seasoned musicians, for the low price of walking in the door.

West 38th street, recently re-dubbed the International Marketplace neighborhood, has some of the very best ethnically diverse dining options in the city.

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