It has the funds to do so – its surprisingly helpful bank recently matched a placing pound-for-pound to give the company a handsome war chest.

‘In the past six months we’ve been offered almost an acquisition a day,’ says Makeham.

Not so, says Fine Rare chief executive Mark Bedini – he’s too busy winning new business.

Fine Rare offers products from all over the world to its large client base, which is chiefly from the UK and Europe.

This was followed by the acquisition of Indian, which took Cupid into the vast sub-continent.

And its latest deal, for two Brazilian websites, is not only potentially lucrative, but also means Cupid is active in seven core international regions.

Chief executive Graham says the business’s ‘unrivalled offering to the market’ has been the key to success.

The Rising Stars have combined sales of £1.4 billion, up 7 per cent on last year’s list, while total profits have reached £287 million, It’s been a busy 12 months for the online dating business formerly known as Easydate.

Established in 2001, Power Perfector has developed technology, named voltage power optimisation (VPO), that saves energy, cost and carbon by optimising the incoming electrical supply voltage in commercial buildings.

Its main feature is its ability to optimise and improve the voltage for a whole site and therefore cut energy costs.

Dobbie says that Cupid is now butting heads with the big online dating players.

‘A year ago we were one tenth the size of Meetic (a European dating website merged into whereas now we have increased that to one third,’ he adds. Privately-owned green energy company Power Perfector is playing a significant role in reducing the UK’s CO2 emissions.

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