Interracial dating in northern virginia

By contrast, in average height sibling pairs most reproductive success was obtained through the brother relative to the sister.In conclusion, we show that IASC over a heritable, sexually dimorphic physical trait (human height) affects Darwinian fitness in a contemporary human population.This might extend their fertile period longer than average height or taller women.In contrast, this isn’t much of a gain for males, who have longer reproductive careers on the tail end.

But a new paper outlines what I think I think is the most elegant solution (though elegant does not mean right!

In other words, there’s going to be variation in the load of deleterious alleles from person to person, and one’s value on quantitative traits (intelligence, height) is a reflection of one’s genetic fitness.

There are problems with this model, starting with the fact that one you need to tease apart inter-population variation.

There isn’t much theoretical complexity in the paper.

They’re looking at a huge data set of individuals from Wisconsin, and they observe that in families where siblings are short the sisters tend to be more fecund, and in families where the siblings are not short the brothers tend to be more fecund.

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In relation to nationality I'm a American Northwesterner, in politics I'm a reactionary, and as for religion I have none (I'm an atheist).

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