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Priority was now given to "family reunification" so that U. citizens and permanent residents could sponsor the following types of immigrants in this order of preference: Each country in the eastern hemisphere was given a quota of 20,000 but children under 21, spouses, and parents of U. Seventy-four percent of the eastern hemisphere's quota was allotted to the four family reunification preferences, 20% of the quota was given to meeting the two occupational preferences, and six percent was allotted to political refugees. Overall, immigrants born in Mexico account the largest national group, with over five million coming to the U. Among other consequences, their presence has contributed to the revitalization (as well as the new development) of many Asian enclaves in several major metropolitan areas in the U. Many urban areas in places such as New York, Los Angeles/Orange County, and other existing or emerging immigrant gateway areas that were either in economic decline or largely undeveloped have been transformed into thriving ethnic enclaves.

Immigrants admitted using the second preference could also petition to bring over their parents (who would not be subject to numerical quotas). There was also a non-preference category for immigrants who would invest at least ,000 in a business once they came to the U. Also, in 1980, the seventh preference for refugees was replaced by more comprehensive legislation that expanded the quotas for refugees, in response to mass refugee migrations for Viet Nam and other countries around the world. Asian immigrant owners and workers who came to the U. since the late 1960s have contributed to the proliferation of ethnic businesses, enclave economies, and residential communities.

was regulated by the provisions of the National Origins system. S.'s first comprehensive set of immigration regulations, the National Origins system effectively limited immigration from Asia to token levels. The 1952 Mc Carran-Walter Immigration and Nationality Act altered several aspects of the National Origins provisions and resulted in ending the absolute exclusion of immigrants from Asia, but still retained tight controls on the numbers of arrivals allowed per year. However, as it turned out, because most European immigrants had come to the U. much earlier than Asians, there weren't many immediate family left in Europe to reunite. This cyclical process of Asian immigration produced significant and unanticipated increases in the Asian American population beginning in the late 1960s.

However, after World War II, the new global political landscape brought the U. into the position of an international superpower, with new obligations and concerns around the world. Eventually, internal and external pressures led the U. to modify the restrictive policies of the National Origins system to reflect this new political position and the U. passed several pieces of legislation that allowed displaced Europeans to enter the U. Later, President Eisenhower largely embraced Truman's positions and also attempted to liberalize the U. However, by the time President Kennedy entered office in 1961, the stage was set for meaningful change. That is, he wanted to demonstrate to the world that American ideals of freedom, democracy, and capitalism were superior to that offered by communist states such as the Soviet Union and its eastern European allies, China, Cuba, and other authoritarian states. This momentum eventually led to the passage of the 1965 Immigration & Nationality Act. to sponsor their other family members as new immigrants. At the time, Asian Americans were only 0.5% of total U. On the other hand, Asian Americans and Asian immigrants saw this as a great opportunity to bring over family members, if they were U. As the results show, since 1971, out of the 18 million or so immigrants around the world admitted to the U.

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