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Robert (D)and (s)Katie We are real estate lawyers from Delray Florida.My ex-wife and I used to travel to the west coast on the weekly basis and we found out about Art's parties at a clothing optional resort in Lutz Florida.He is so trusted to us that I have sent my wife alone to his parties when I had business that conflicted.

We were just staying the weekend at another place and several of the guests emailed us on their dislike with interracial sex. This is in no way a special event or to take away from the regular group that meet at this club. Aren't at least one of you big enough to put your dick back in your pants and get on with the business at hand After you register with the website, you will have access to highly privileged information on upcoming parties and other lifestyle events organized in Florida. Thanks to you and your insistence about filling the hotel with single black men willing to pay money for sex with your "sub...MANY eyes are going to be on everyone ALL weekend. " ********************************************************** Too bad the ACLU is not notified of this disgusting type of behavior and hate.Foolish to announce it publically and draw the attention of management and L. Art, we would just like to add, we love your parties and we hope to get down to Tampa soon to one of your events.

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Our marriage has been extremely solid and fun and one of the reasons is our ablilty to grow intimately through experinces that Art's club offers. There must be a new BBC group comming to town, and they are trying to tear down the established one, this tactic will not work and you will fail!! We have been members probably longer than most of Dark Cavern..have never had a problem of any of upscale guys....never pushy, good looking and polite with any party you never know who is going to show up, but there has always been a respectful mix of single guys to couples.

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